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Project Coordinator, WP1 leader, WP2 co-leader, WP3, WP5, WP6

BRGM is France’s leading public institution in the field of Earth Sciences. Its main activities are scientific research, support for government policy, and international cooperation and development. It is one of the pioneers of CO2 geological storage research, participating from 1993 in the first European research project (Joule II) and in the first pilots worldwide, including Sleipner, Weyburn, In Salah, Nagaoka, Ketzin, Lacq-Rousse and Hontomín.

The institution also conducts research at natural CO2 fields, such as Montmiral in France, and at natural CO2 seepage areas in Italy, Germany and France. Its scientists have expertise in site selection and characterisation, predictive modelling, risk analysis, monitoring and safety management, thus addressing a wide range of the issues related to CO2 geological storage.

BRGM has managed the CO2GeoNet European Network of Excellence on the geological storage of CO2 and has coordinated the FP7 projects, CGS Europe and ULTimateCO2. BRGM is currently Coordinator of the H2020 ENOS project. It is involved in the ECCSEL H2020 INFRADEV-3 project, the CO2-DISSOLVED concept, and is a member of ZEP, EERA CCS and French Club CO2.