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STRATEGY CCUS praised for its exceptional results and contribution to accelerating vital climate technologies in Europe

STRATEGY CCUS final event

STRATEGY CCUS delivered “exceptional results”, made significant impact, and contributed to the creation of two follow-up projects, according to the European Commission’s final review of our work.

Video - Regional Event discussing STRATEGY CCUS’s results (France)

Regional Event in France to discuss STRATEGY CCUS’s results

Blog - Regional Events: Sharing our results in the regions

Regional event

In this blog, Professor Diana-Maria Cismaru reflects on STRATEGY CCUS’s engagement with stakeholders through tailored events in our target regions

After three years of research across eight European regions, we have reached one of the most rewarding moments of the project: sharing our results with the industries, policymakers and communities that we hope will use and benefit from them. 

Key developments in academic papers and deliverables

As STRATEGY CCUS draws to a close, our researchers are busy finalising the project’s findings and sharing key developments in academic papers and deliverables.

Please find below some of our recent successes in publishing journal and conference papers:

Recording of a Regional Event to discuss STRATEGY CCUS’s results (Spain)

Regional Event to discuss STRATEGY CCUS’s results

NB: the above video is in Spanish

Join our regional workshop exploring prospects for CCUS in France

People with laptops by Graham Scott on Unsplash

Paris workshop will give stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the energy transition and CO2 emissions reduction

Experiences from surveys: Social acceptance of CCUS by the general public

Infographic on CCS

Sabine Preuß of Fraunhofer ISI reflects on results from recent public surveys in France and Spain.

STRATEGY CCUS partners branch out at France’s national science festival

In early October, BRGM welcomed around 7000 visitors to its Orléans offices for the 30th Fête de la Science, which explores and celebrates the world of science.

New research: Carbon-negative scenarios in high CO2 gas condensate reservoirs

New research by STRATEGY CCUS partners at the University of Zagreb in Croatia suggests that the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) in enhanced gas recovery (EGR) could result in carbon negative scenarios, whereby CO2 is permanently removed from the atmosphere.

Regions in focus: Building the case for CCUS in Portugal and France

Providing CO2 transport and storage infrastructure will be key to shaping CCUS networks for the Lusitanian basin and the Rhône Valley regions. Could a shared approach provide the impetus needed and will plans win stakeholder support?

Powerful new tool provides regional data for CCUS network designers

Set of interactive maps unveiled by STRATEGY CCUS provides key data for CCUS network planners.

Tools for developing CCUS clusters shared at international forum

STRATEGY CCUS team member Dr Romain Viguier has highlighted the importance of carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) for industrial sectors’ transition to net zero in an online discussion and follow-up article by Power Engineering International.

PilotSTRATEGY launch - international project to support European regions develop low-carbon energy and industry


An ambitious international CO2 storage project to support the development of low-carbon energy and industry in southern and eastern Europe has commenced with funding from the European Union.

New paper: Geological carbon storage and climate action in north-western Greece

Urgent need to address Greece’s carbon emissions in line with Paris Agreement commitments explored in new paper on CO2 storage potential of the Mesohellenic Trough.

EOR has been crucial for uptake of CCUS globally: can it be accelerated in Europe?

In the second of two articles on CO2 utilisation, we look at the prospects for enhanced oil recovery in Europe.

Optimising the feasibility of CO2 storage during EOR

A new paper, led by a STRATEGY CCUS researcher, outlines optimal conditions for the use of CO2 in Enhanced Oil Recovery.

New horizon as market builds for CO2 utilisation

In the first of two features on CO2 usage, we look at the barriers and opportunities for greater uptake of utilisation in Europe.

Shaping CO2 infrastructure for the cement industry

The European Cement Research Academy (ECRA), a member of the STRATEGY CCUS Advisory Board, co-hosted an online event in February to explore options and technologies for delivering CO2 infrastructures for the cement industry.

Second round of regional stakeholder workshops gets under way

The STRATEGY CCUS regional stakeholder committees will meet for a second time in March, April and May following a successful round of initial workshops held late last year.

Building new bridges after Brexit - an SCCS 15th Anniversary blog

Romain Viguier of SCCS reflects on the genesis of the STRATEGY CCUS project and future research links between the EU and the UK

Paris Basin is latest focus for stakeholder workshops

First stakeholder gathering held for Paris Basin, one of two promising regions for the delivery of CCUS in France

Regions in focus: Spotlight on industry in Northern Croatia and Romania

The second of our regional features considers the benefits of CCUS in two important industrial centres of eastern Europe

First stakeholder workshops successfully conducted

The first local stakeholder workshops recently took place to build support and networks for the successful deployment of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

STRATEGY CCUS scientists in CCS feature on Spanish radio

STRATEGY CCUS scientists from the Geological Survey of Spain (IGME) interviewed on Spain's national radio station in CO2 storage feature programme

Regions in focus: CCUS potential in West Macedonia and the Ebro basin

Our first regional focus explores the Ebro basin in Spain and West Macedonia in Greece, where industry clusters and infrastructure provide both a challenge and a solution.

Stakeholder interviews yield regional perspectives towards CCUS

This online seminar will share results from our project's focus on stakeholder engagement. Bring your questions for the panel.

Milestone vote on CCUS roadmaps for Southern and Eastern Europe

On the eve of its second year, the EU-funded STRATEGY CCUS project has selected three of its eight “promising” regions in southern and eastern Europe to now benefit from detailed carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) roadmaps.

STRATEGY CCUS maintains momentum with online shift

Two weeks ago, we held the first General Assembly of the STRATEGY CCUS research consortium, an important milestone for our project and a chance to reflect on progress while planning for the year ahead. But this was no ordinary assembly.

Partner profile: ‘Industrial symbiosis’ will open up promising regions to CCUS

We speak to Paulo Rocha of CIMPOR, Portugal’s biggest producer of cement, to find out more about his company's motivation for joining the STRATEGY CCUS project.

Statement on Covid-19 outbreak

Our priority is the health of all our project collaborators and their families so, like most of Europe, we are now working remotely.

Guloren Turan: ‘Future CCS projects will be key to supporting Europe’s industrial transition’

Interview with the Global CCS Institute's Guloren Turan

Interview with the Global CCS Institute’s General Manager for Advocacy & Communications.

COP25: Partners present vital role of CO2 storage

Carbon dioxide (CO2) storage experts from the STRATEGY CCUS project, as part of the CO2GeoNet network, are attending the COP25 climate talks in Madrid this week to highlight the role that geological storage of CO2 must play in rapid and large-scale climate action needed to meet Paris Agreement targets.

Top science accolade for STRATEGY CCUS director

Dr Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol, Director of the STRATEGY CCUS project, has been awarded the Chevalier de la légion d’honneur medal in recognition of her scientific activities and merits in the field of the geological storage of CO2.

Focus on CCUS stakeholder committees gets under way in promising regions

Scientists from STRATEGY CCUS are exploring the role of stakeholder committees in eight European industrial regions identified as promising for carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS) development.

Blog: Putting stakeholders at the heart of CCUS dialogue

Elisabeth Duetschke and Julius Wesche, of project partner Fraunhofer, describe the purpose and methodology of STRATEGY CCUS’s work package dedicated to stakeholder engagement.

Support for ‘promising regions’ of Europe in drive to develop low-carbon energy and industry

The STRATEGY CCUS team at the project launch in Orleans, May 2019

Our ambitious international project to support the development of low-carbon energy and industry in Southern and Eastern Europe got under way in May.