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Rhône Valley - France

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  • This region has a large variety of high-emitting industries in the Fos-Berre/Marseille CCS and CCU cluster (Flagship project, SET Plan Action 9) and Lyon metropole area
  • The region also encompasses a variety of large, medium and small-scale CO2 emitters
  • A feasibility study was completed in 2013 on potential pathways between industrial CO2 emitters and CO2 utilisation opportunities
  • A wide range of CCU technologies is being considered, including for the manufacture of chemicals, materials and fuels.
  • A pipeline to collect CO2 from different sources and supply different applications is being planned.
  • A pilot power-to-methane project, which combines CO2 storage with hydrogen production, is already operational in Marseille port (Jupiter 1000 )
  • There is potential for early storage development in the south-east geological basin onshore, and offshore beneath the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The possibility exists for developing small to medium CCUS hubs and clusters within the south-east basin.
  • A Rhône Valley transport corridor could connect the region and neighbouring countries – such as Italy, Spain, North Africa and the Middle East – with large North Sea storage sites

Image: Combining CO2 storage with Geothermal exploitation (CO2-Dissolved)(STRATEGY CCUS kick-off meeting,Orleans, 2019)